A Picture of Over-Indebtedness

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In March 2016, The Money Advice Service and CACI released a research document – A Picture of Over-Indebtedness.

The report tries to understand over-indebtedness across the UK and identifies some key factors linked with over-indebtedness. Someone is considered over-indebted if they find keeping up with bills and credit commitments a heavy burden, or if they have fallen behind or missed payment in 3 or more of the past 6 months.

According to the Money Advice Service and CACI, one in six individuals in the UK are over-indebted, which is about 8.2 million people. In the East Midlands, 16.2% of people are over-indebted, which is similar to the UK average. Nottingham is identified as the part of the East Midlands with the highest percentage of over-indebted people.

Some key factors identified as being linked to over-indebtedness were:

The report notes that these factors are linked to over-indebtedness, but don’t necessary cause it.

You can access the report on the Money Advice Service Website:


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