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Find your local advice office within the EMMA Partnership

Our experienced advisers are ready to assist you with your debt for free via various contact channels, including phone, email, and face to face. We encourage you to visit our Service Locations to explore your options or get in touch with us today for personalised assistance.

What you’ll need

A debt adviser won’t judge you or make you feel bad, they’ll be able to help you with big or small debt issues, and they’ll help you to find ways to manage your debts. Advisers in the EMMA partnership have their work assessed regularly to ensure it is of a high standard.

To prepare for your appointment your adviser may ask to see the following:


    Who you owe money to and how much you owe, you can find this by checking letters, emails and texts.


    Your wage, benefits payments and other income you get, you can find this by checking your bank statements and payslips.


    How much you spend on food, drink and bills. You can find this on your bank statement, and any receipts you have.